Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Road Trip 2009, Day 2

Part 3 of the Summer Road Trip Posts, Start with the Introduction Post.

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After a somewhat disturbed sleep and being awoken by various stomping and children noises we had our continental breakfast, which became a staple on this trip. The free breakfast at motels really saved us quite a bit of money and made our occasional light picnic lunches reasonable.

Day two brings us out of Ohio, through a bit of West Virginia and into Kentucky. We shot straight south from Athens to Pomeroy, OH right on the Ohio river. Pomeroy had a quiet little riverfront downtown.

From 2009 Kentucky, West Virginia Road Trip

We stopped at their river front park and took a picture of ourselves

From 2009 Kentucky, West Virginia Road Trip

as well as some pictures of the new bridge complete with coal plant exhaust in the distance:

From 2009 Kentucky, West Virginia Road Trip

We crossed the above pictured bridge into West Virginia and perhaps somewhat amusingly the first thing a visitor crossing this bridge sees is a Wal Mart. This really did seem like a bridge to Wal Mart. Interestingly, if you go look at this bridge in Google Maps (Satellite View) and Street View, you can see that it is under construction.

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Also, someone else has pictures of the Pomery/Mason Bridge under construction on Panoramio.

We drove along the West Virginia side of the river up to Gallipolis. Along the way we passed the Gavin Coal Power Plant shown below. An interesting tidbit about this plant is that the power company ended up having to buy up the entire town of Cheshire, OH downwind of the plant because clouds of sulphuric acid ocassionally, uhm, inconvenienced residents.

From 2009 Kentucky, West Virginia Road Trip

We cruised a few more hours through West Virginia and Ohio and then finally into Kentucky. Stopped for lunch along this creek in the Carter Caves State Park where we later took a tour of X Cave and a two mile hike.

From 2009 Kentucky, West Virginia Road Trip

All of our drive through Kentucky on this day was along the US 60. The very same US 60 as in Arizona and I would venture to say that the East Valley has far more trailers along the US 60 than does Kentucky. Though I bet more moonshine is made along the Kentucky stretch.

At the end of the day we zipped into Morehead, KY and found a decent cheap hotel, had a calzone and a walk. We went back to our hotel room and drank some wine that we had brought with us. I have awarded Cara with a vacation commendation for thinking ahead and packing some beer and wine to save some dollars as well as insulate us from silly regional liquor laws. The restaurant we had dinner at couldn't serve drinks on Sundays.

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