Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kayaking to Howard

We did about an 8 mile trip today from home to Howard. It was a beautiful day and we set off about noon. We saw a number of Great Blue Herons, geese, goslings, ducks and turtles. The water level was pretty high since it has recently rained but it had fallen since yesterday. The following image is the river levels for the last several days from the USGS Kokosing Gage Height page.

From General

The river was pretty much clear except a spot along 229 where there were a few fallen trees completely spanning the river. We were able to get under them after pausing to decide the best route to try it. It could have been rougher had the water been higher or lower, though maybe not too bad. We also passed the Bald Eagle nest and saw one of the Eagles a little down river from that.

View Kokosing River Trip - May 3rd 2009.kmz in a larger map

The whole trip took about 2.5 to 3 hours on the river plus a bit driving and cinching the kayaks down to the roof of the car. All in all a wonderful day.

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