Saturday, May 2, 2009

How was YOUR commute this morning?

This last Monday morning I had to drop off my car at the garage to get it worked on. Having recently purchased kayaks I figured, why walk home when I can kayak! So, I loaded the kayak on the car and set off.

From Kayaking_April_2009

I dropped the kayak off at the first bridge just upstream from my house, tucking it away a bit so it would be obvious, then drove up the hill to the garage. I had a pleasant walk back down the hill and put in on the sandbar under the bridge.

From Kayaking_April_2009

I leisurely paddled and drifted downstream, it was only 8:15 AM, still plenty of time before I started work at 9:00 AM, no need to rush.
From Kayaking_April_2009

Right upstream of some of our light rapids I came across a fallen tree and a spring running into the river.

Kokosing Commute - Spring from Austin Godber on Vimeo.

After the spring I ran through the rapids. I couldn't take any pictures since I had to paddle. Just past them I came across some of my noisy neighbors.
From Kayaking_April_2009

A little more paddling around the bend and I pulled up into my front yard.
From Kayaking_April_2009

These kayaks aren't too heavy, so I can safely lug it out of the river and haul it up the hill on my own, good thing I have been doing those pushups though.
From Kayaking_April_2009

This easily makes the winter worth it. So, how was YOUR commute today?


Erica Lucci said...

My commute is not nearly as awesome as this one!! Glad you're enjoying it there.

brien said...

Lets see... 15 minutes of NPR swine flu reports. One left turn, two right turns. Umm... Oh yeah! My wagon is at 199,200 miles!! That's exciting!!

Paul Kahn said...

Austin, this is unbelievably awesome! What a way to start your day, huh? Jealous - but happy for you!

We did a canoe camping trip up the Allagash River in Maine several years ago - nothing beats floating down a river. :)

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

LOL nice, Austin!