Monday, September 1, 2008

Riding to work

I have decided that I am going to start riding my bike to work. I know, now is a great time to start cycling, with gas prices so high. I have a distinct advantage over most people as I need not ride anywhere specific to get to work. Rather, I just have to ride to wherever I want and turn around and come back. Thats one of the benefits of working at home.

I think I will allocate 30 minutes. So I will ride the following route 15 minutes and come back:

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This is 3.7 miles. 3 of it on the old converted railroad. No traffic to worry about at all. Well, no car traffic, deer might be an issue.


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brien said...

riding to "work". Great. hahaha. And I just quit riding the bus recently; too friggin' hot. I might start again once the weather cools off, especially if A Dance with Dragons is finally released... give me something to READ.