Friday, July 18, 2008

Embedded Map of Photos

Lets see if this turns out. Ok, I mapped my photos on Flickr, but Flickr doesn't provide an embeddable map as far as I can tell. They will, however, provide a geoRSS feed, along with a KML file. This KML file can be imported into Google Maps and saved, then that map exported into a blog post. There may be a few problems here. The feed may be a fixed length and there doesn't appear to be feeds associated with individual sets or tags. Oh, there are feeds for specific tags, thats good. So we could constrain a map to a specified set of photos by using tags. That just leaves the possibility of a fixed feed length, which I can live with.

Here's an example embedded map:

View Larger Map

UPDATE After you import the feed into google maps, you can edit the text associated with each image. The default is full of junk.


Unknown said...

It'll be awesome when cameras support more accurate/precise orientation parameters as well.

brien said...

I got to touch Tom F's iPhone today; the camera seems to record GPS location along with each photo. That'd be cool if you could go iPhone-->FLickR-->Googlemaps without really thinking at all.

j said...

Nice pics... I may have an iPhone, but you have a heavenly verdant house in the woods while we are all roasting here in Phoenix. Gorgeous pics! I hear Emily is visiting soon?