Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amish Furniture and more Pics

Cara and I stopped and picked up a small table that we are going to use as her desk, as well as ordered one to be made slightly longer to use as my desk. They came straight from the Amish guy who manufactured them. He was quite nice and we chatted about Arizona as we took the legs of for transportation in our Civic. Of course, the one funny thing about browsing his storage area is that there were no electric lights. It was well lit by the numerous windows though.

Also I have posted more pictures on Flickr, so go ahead and check them out:

Austin's Flickr Photos


brien said...

but no Amish furniture pics! What a rip off. Misleading title!!! We want Amish furniture pics!!

Austin said...

There have been several more requests for all of our furniture pics ... so I will get those ... as soon as I can clear away the hobo's and cats living on them.