Friday, July 18, 2008

Embedded Map of Photos

Lets see if this turns out. Ok, I mapped my photos on Flickr, but Flickr doesn't provide an embeddable map as far as I can tell. They will, however, provide a geoRSS feed, along with a KML file. This KML file can be imported into Google Maps and saved, then that map exported into a blog post. There may be a few problems here. The feed may be a fixed length and there doesn't appear to be feeds associated with individual sets or tags. Oh, there are feeds for specific tags, thats good. So we could constrain a map to a specified set of photos by using tags. That just leaves the possibility of a fixed feed length, which I can live with.

Here's an example embedded map:

View Larger Map

UPDATE After you import the feed into google maps, you can edit the text associated with each image. The default is full of junk.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amish Furniture and more Pics

Cara and I stopped and picked up a small table that we are going to use as her desk, as well as ordered one to be made slightly longer to use as my desk. They came straight from the Amish guy who manufactured them. He was quite nice and we chatted about Arizona as we took the legs of for transportation in our Civic. Of course, the one funny thing about browsing his storage area is that there were no electric lights. It was well lit by the numerous windows though.

Also I have posted more pictures on Flickr, so go ahead and check them out:

Austin's Flickr Photos

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Quick Hello from Ohio

Well, we have made it to our new home and finally settled a little bit. We are sleeping on a new bed, resting on a new couch and eagerly awaiting the delivery of our shipping container.

While on the subject of shipping containers, it is probably worth mentioning that it is DEFINITELY possible to fill it too heavy. The day we got into town we got an excited call from the UPS Freight forklift driver who tried to pickup our container which was still in Tempe. It seems that he had nearly flipped over going down the curb with it. So he declared it too heavy. We ordered an additional container and some of our wonderful friends evened out the load for us.

The container is allegedly going to arrive on the 21st, so we still have some time left of living in limbo. For instance, have you ever tried to cook a grilled cheese sandwich, tossed the buttered bread into the pan only to discover two crucial facts too late? The first being that you haven't used the stove before so the frying pan is about 400 degrees warmer than you expected .... and the second fact being that despite having bought a frying pan you failed to buy a spatula!! (the rest are in the shipping container of course).


Needless to say, our drive here was fairly painless. The cats in the back merely slept all day which should be no surprise since that is what they do every day anyway. I think people probably worry too much and try to do too much when moving cats. Trying to take them out at a rest stop to use the bathroom is crazy. I think it simply terrifies them more. Our did fine with no mess and very little whining and are now just getting used to their surroundings. In fact, they are comfortable enough to hate each other again.

We drove along the 40 through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, then up through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Then along the last leg from Indianapolis to Gambier in a quick morning drive. We didn't stop to take pictures along the way but I will post a few, including the full shipping container I was so proud of.

Knox County Ohio

Knox County is truly beautiful. I expected it to be nice based on our February visit but I hadn't realized quite how green it was going to be. The woods around our house are absolutely crawling with life. We have chest high growth along the forest floor between our trees, countless birds, several squirrels and chipmunks, and a whole mountain of bugs and spiders. I think there may be more life on this 3/4 acre than there was in our Tempe zip code. In fact, as I write this, I can see two squirrels playing on a tree just by glancing out my office window.

The river is wonderful and we took a dip in it the second or third day we were here.
I bought a fly rod then remembered how "skill heavy" fly fishing is. I think my last fly rod came with a VHS tape explaining the knots, gear and casting technique ... I think You Tube and vendor websites will save me there. But I have along way before I land a fish I think. In fact, I can't recall how much fly line to put on but have found good descriptions of how much leader to use on some website. I am sure I will get it worked out though.

I have uploaded a few pictures we took over the last few days. Mainly of the walk from our home to Cara's office and some things around the house. The one notable addition is the picture of what we got at Saturday's Farmers Market. It has been novel to meet the people who grow my food. That is pretty great. In fact I bought a home made glazed doughnut from an Amish girl and some homemade mustard as well.

These will have to do for now. I have taken some more pictures specifically of our "front yard" and will post those soon. Oh, click on the above photos to see the full sized albums and make sure to look at the map of my photos. I have gone to the effort of placing them on the map so others can see where things are in relation to our home.

Click this link for Austin's Flickr Map. This has some older Ohio pictures on it as well as my Okinawa pictures. Enjoy!