Saturday, April 5, 2008

Moving to Ohio

Everyone probably knows already that Cara and I will be moving to Ohio this July. We have found a house and purchased it. It is close to Kenyon College [wikipedia] where Cara will be teaching. Most exciting of all, the house is right on the river! So I will be able to fish and canoe right off my front lawn.

I have uploaded some photos to my flickr account.

I also added some pictures from our trip to Knox County in February ...

The county we will live in is Knox County . The school is in the Village of Gambier [wikipedia]. Really, the village and school are the same thing. The nearest larger town is Mount Vernon, Ohio [wikipedia]. We have been keeping informed about the area with the local newspaper's great website, the Mount Vernon News.


brien said...

What are you "going to eat a lot of"??

Austin said...

peaches of course.

Barbie said...

Hi guys,
Please put pictures of your new furniture and the inside of your house as it looks now.
Love and Miss you,
Aunt Barbie