Sunday, April 20, 2008

Knox County Poorhouse

It is funny how you can live in one place for 30 odd years and only be moderately interested in whats going on. I had to take Arizona history in High School so I know a bit about the state's history, and honestly at this point I know very little more than a few vagues snippets.

This whole "moving to Ohio" thing is interesting twist on local awareness. I have researched Ohio, Mount Vernon, Gambier, and Knox County quite a bit. The web provides so much information that moving provides a person with a convenient hobby of researching the destination to death. I read daily but haven't looked at the East Valley Tribune or AZ Central more than half a dozen times since the new year.

Anyway, on to the point of this particular post. I was flying around the globe with the new Google Earth 4.3 today and came across an interesting historical fact about Knox County. There is an old Poorhouse just west of town. In the late 19th century, 1877, the Knox County Infirmary or Poorhouse was constructed. It served this purpose until 1953 when structural problems forced it to close due to structural problems.

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The building was soon pruchased and repaired by the Mount Vernon Bible College, and operated until 1987. There has been talk of it being HAUNTED!!!!! In fact there was a tragic event involving an elevator while it served as the Bible College. There are several website that have photos and some history, most of which I have reviewed here.
The photo I came across was on Panoramio by user TheBobBlog. I think it originally came from the Rejected Memories website above.
PoorhouseOnce I have relocated to Knox County I may try and get some photos of my own.


brien said...

That poorhouse is rad. Too bad we don't have anything like that in AZ. Well, maybe we do, but we just haven't googled for it. Speaking of which; you might become the first person busted for Internet-stalking an entire county... :-D

Unknown said...

Oh, along a similar vein, the Forgotten Ohio site has a list of all the haunted buildings at Kenyon ...



Laurie said...

I attended Bible college in this building durring the last two years it was occupied. My Aunt graduated there in the early 60's.
I have very fond memories of my time there. It certainly was not haunted when we occupied it. Of that you can be certain.

Laurie said...

I understand that it makes for a good story, but the elevator accident did not happen during the time the Bible college was in residence. I did some checking to verify that this was true, the elevator had already been removed and the shaft closed off when the college moved in. It may have happened proir, but no Bible college students were ever killed. I spoke to those who were acutually there when the school opened. You can verify this for yourself.

Unknown said...

Oh, thanks for the info Laurie. I am from Arizona so I think that any building over 30 years old must automatically be haunted.

Its awfully hard to concoct a ghost story about a 9 year old Chili's in the parking lot of a mega mall.


Shawn said...

I LOVE THIS HOUSE I've been in this house about 5 times already and I'm going back next week. It used to be called the house of nightmares Laurie is that true I talked to the owner and he said the was a accident and 4 students was killed. Did anybody hear what happen inside? I have pics and video of the inside of the house.

Anonymous said...

The oringnal story was that some of the children from when it was a poor house died in the elevator crash and that who supposedly haunts the place now.